Pebble Bowl - Medium by Patrice Murtha

Patrice Murtha

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Inspired by the smooth, flat rocks we collect along the shores of Lake Michigan, this bowl can be used to display your own collection of found items, but is equally useful for a lunch portion of your favorite food. Hand built of porcelain clay, they are microwaveable and food- and dishwasher-safe.

Measures approximately 2" tall x 9" diameter.


Handmade by Patrice Murtha of Winter Rye Studio in Berwyn, Illinois.

A potter’s greatest pleasure, after working at the wheel, is knowing that someone will enjoy the results. Patrice has been working with clay for over twenty years with the user in mind. Her functional porcelain-ware is lightweight, yet remarkably strong and durable.

In her basement studio, she throws on an old Brent wheel with an eye toward simple, refined designs that are – first and foremost – functional. A wide range of familiar Midwest imagery inspires her dinnerware: grain silos; “L” girders; oilcans; skyscrapers. She finishes with glazes that reflect the colors of that landscape – both natural and urban.

Patrice’s pottery is the foundation of the collaboration known as Winter Rye. Barbara Korbel was introduced to weaving 30 years ago, she designs and weaves cloth, sourcing traditional patterns. Her hand woven table linens complement the colors and forms of Winter Rye pottery. Recently, Barbara began carving spoons to accompany Patrice’s dinnerware.

Patrice and Barbara are the founders of Winter Rye. They are committed to making their goods affordable, while honoring the labor of the individual worker.

Find more of Patrice's work here.

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