Iris Jar by Nancy Briggs

Nancy Briggs

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This lidded jar is made of red earthenware clay and lined with a metallic black liner glaze. The rich, matte surface features lovely purple irises which are accented with a white slip and layered underglazes.

Dimensions: 9.5" tall


Handmade by Nancy Briggs of Des Moines, Iowa.

My wheel thrown pottery currently is made of red earthenware clay accented with a white slip, under glazes and a metallic black glaze which produces a rich, colorful, matte surface. I also occasionally produce mid range stoneware pottery with carved surfaces in quiet glazes when I miss functional pottery making. I continue to work in clay because it has so many options. I can strive to perfect a form, a glaze, or a persons expression and features.

I taught at the Des Moines Art Center for 29 years and now work full time in my personal studio in a renovated carriage house. I will also be teaching classes at the Ankeny Art Center. My inspirational message for students is "you can do this!”  My message in my work is Love the  Earth.

I have been a potter for over 40 years and also draw plant forms in pastel and garden. I guess I just like dirt!


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