Penguin by Sharon Stelter

Sharon Stelter

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This perky penguin was hand-built with stoneware clay. It measures approximately 10" tall.

Made by Sharon Stelter of Sherwood, Wisconsin.


Each sculpture is an original design.  My work is hand built hollow from slabs and coils of stoneware clay.  Each piece is kiln fired twice.  An iron oxide wash between firings gives each piece its color.  Sculptures can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors in moderate weather.

I work best when I let my mind process and refine images I have seen.  The result is a simple sketch which is the starting point of each sculpture.  Many details are eliminated but I use texture to help define the form and give depth to the surface.   I have become increasingly interested in how one sculpture interacts with another. When I see people laugh and smile when viewing my art work I feel very rewarded.  

 Find more of Sharon's work here.

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