Juice Cup - Triangle - Small by Butterfield Pottery

Juice Cup - Triangle - Small by Butterfield Pottery

Butterfield Pottery

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Measures approximately 4" tall x 2.5" in diameter.

Handmade by Davin and Susan Butterfield of Butterfield Pottery in Ulster Park, New York.


The potter and the painter. These are the best ways to describe Davin and Susan Butterfield. They use porcelain clay and a gas-fire reduction kiln to achieve their spectacular cobalt blues and earthy greens and browns.

"I have always wanted to live the life of a rural potter. The presence of the woods, gardens and wildlife is inspirational. Working with clay gives me a physical and spiritual connection to the earth. Making pottery that functions in use and aesthetic beauty has been a life long pursuit. My father was a potter in Massachusetts and Ohio in the 70s. Being in the studio was a great joy of my childhood. The process of making clay to the unloading of kilns was fascinating." -Dave

Susan, who is an accomplished painter, does all the beautiful designs on the pottery.

"The quintessential thing about our work is the atmospheric effects of iron in oxygen reduction at high temperatures. We use many layers of oxides, which give the brushwork a painterly depth when the oxides melt into the glaze at the highest temperature in the kiln. The botanical imagery is painted in a gestural manner likened to impressionism, so that the feeling of light and color and movement comes alive on the surface."

Butterfield pottery pieces are meant to be used and enjoyed every day. All work is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

Find more of Davin's and Susan's work here.

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