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HOME ... safe ... a peaceful place... where we find our self ... a place to rest ... to wash .. to love ... to grow ... HOME = our world to create ... a place to snuggle ... so warm ... so soft ... a place to heal ... to feel ... to be ... real ... HOME = a place to define and redefine reality ... a sacred place of respect and honor ... a place to call HOME ..." 

Noelle's poem "Home" is inscribed on this wheel thrown platter.

Easy to hang or use to serve up some tasty treats!


Each piece is wheel-thrown, hand inscribed and painted by the artist. 

Measures approximately 14" in diameter x 3" tall.

    ZPots pieces are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Each pieces varies slightly due to its handmade nature.

    Handmade by ZPots in Brookline, Vermont.


    Eric Hendrick and Noelle VanHendrick have been creating together for over 20 years. They live and work in Vermont homeschooling their 3 sons and making cups of love and buckets of peace, and so much more, for humanity. Joining them is a fantastic team of artisans and dream weavers that help make it all happen. The pieces are adorned with Noelle’s words and images that gently remind us we belong and we are in this together. The pieces are empowerment and positive. They hold the knowing that each and every one of us is here to love and change the world through that love. Noelle and Eric are an earthly partnership and collaboration that reaches for the heavens and brings it home and here.

    ZPOTS is working toward a renewable future, and with this in mind, the electric kilns are powered by solar panels and the Vermont Cow Power program. The electricity is generated by the surrounding Vermont farms.

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