Christmas Tree Ceramic Ornament by Mary DeCaprio

Christmas Tree Ceramic Ornament by Mary DeCaprio

Mary DeCaprio

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This ornament is handmade with earthenware clay by Mary DeCaprio of Brick Pond Handworks of Pepperell, Massachusetts.

Because this item is handmade, it will vary slightly from the image shown.


Each Brick Pond Handworks creation is made entirely by hand. Slight variations in design and color add character and reflect their unique handcrafted origin. Low-fired earthenware clay is first rolled into a slab from which each design is hand-cut. Once cured, each piece is shaped by hand to smooth any rough edges and then hand-painted. The pottery is then bisque fired and glazed.

Continuing in the tradition of the original Dedham Pottery, the ornaments are glazed with a crackle glaze and cobalt blue glaze.

Find more of Mary's work here.

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