Ceratosaurus Vase by Keith Hershberger

Ceratosaurus Vase by Keith Hershberger

Keith Hershberger

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This handmade, wheel thrown vase was made by Keith Hershberger of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

It has a Ceratosaurus design that has been fired into the glaze. The bottom section is left unglazed, and the matte raw red clay complements the smooth glazed surface of the top and interior of the vase. It also has a Ceratosaurus on the bottom of the vase.

This vase is approximately 9" tall and was fired to over 2000 degrees F. It is food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

*Note: the piece with the 22K gold is food safe but should NOT be used in the microwave or dishwasher*

Due to its handmade nature, the piece you receive will be similar, but not identical to the one pictured.


I make wheel thrown pottery that is created with care, and meant to be used. My work is electric or wood-fired and decorated with slips and glazes using brushwork, stencils, screen-printing and decal image transfer. I create the images I use on my work in Photoshop and use the digital image to create physical stencils and silkscreens I use with colored slips, and to print laser decals for image transfer.

In a world that is too fast, and often too dark, my goal is to make space in the day for beauty.  Using a handmade object is like having a conversation with the maker, and I like the idea that I can help create, and even share in, the small moments in the day when we allow ourselves to sit down for a moment and have a cup of coffee, or a bowl of soup. 


Find more of Keith's work here.

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