Bluebird Butter Dish by Bluegill Pottery

Bluegill Pottery

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This butter dish is decorated with clay flowers and leaves and a bluebird on each side. A small handle with a branch texture aids in lifting the cover, which protects your butter from the air, insects or even curious pets, while allowing it to stay soft for spreading on toast. Holds one stick of butter. This piece is individually made with white stoneware. The brightly colored birds and berries are stamped into the moist clay. Brilliant underglazes are used to give a pop of color. Made with food safe glazes and safe to use in the dishwasher.

Dimensions: approximately 8" long x 4.75" wide x 3.5" tall.

Handmade by Vicki Gill of Bluegill Pottery in Lowell, North Carolina.


Vicki Liles Gill graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1979.

Later studies at Gaston College and Penland School of Craft as well as workshops with nationally known potters combined with her lifelong work in painting and drawing form the basis of her knowledge and skills in clay.

Establishing Bluegill Pottery in 1997, she continues to work in a fine white stoneware clay. This clay allows her texture techniques and translucent glazes to be highlighted. Firing takes place in an oxidation atmosphere which empowers both subtle and brilliant colors to work as a whole in the composition.

A desire to use and master carving, stamp-making, and the use of impressions in clay fueled her love of texture. The development of rich surface color and design is influenced by Eastern painting and pottery. Every day enjoyment use of her handmade work is s important to her as special or sacred occasional use. Both speak to her great love for making beautiful objects for others to enjoy.

“My purpose is to imbue joy and happiness in peoples' lives by the communication of the aesthetic spirit in the work I create. The tactile impression is as important as the visual impression, so carving and texturing methods form a common thread throughout my body of work.”

“Nothing gives me more joy than to see someone embrace one of my pieces…it is then that I know I have achieved my purpose - through that art form, I have communicated a special joy and happiness that is beyond words.”

Find more of Vicki's work here.

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