Large Platter by Kyle Kreigh

Kyle Kreigh

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This platter was handmade by Kyle Kreigh of LaFarge, Wisconsin.

Dimensions: approximately 11-12" in diameter.

Kyle Kreigh builds his pottery with porcelain clay. The exquisite surface is created with crystalline glazes which forms patterns on the clay body much like frost on a window.
While water safe, the pieces are not recommended for use with food.

I came to pottery roundabout, training as an engineer and spending several years working on the offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and later as an environmental engineer with the Wisconsin DNR. Eventually my hobby came to the fore.

I work almost exclusively with hand-thrown porcelain and specialize in crystalline glazes. These are notoriously unforgiving, so you more or less need to be motivated by frustration. In many of my pieces I try to incorporate the crystalline effects as a palette, seeking impressions for light, water, textures (and dare I say haystacks?)

On a larger scale, I have made over 200 bathroom sinks and tile treatments. And on a smaller scale, I have recently entered a long overdue functional phase, producing mugs, mortar and pestle sets, salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes and so forth. I call this sideline “The Practical Pterodactyl.”

 Find more of Kyle's work here.

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