Wooden Inlay Complex Herringbone Hair Barrette by Mark Bakula

Wooden Inlay Complex Herringbone Hair Barrette by Mark Bakula

Mark Bakula

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These barrettes are made using 4 or more narrow strips of angled accent woods. The wood is nice and light; it won't pull on your hair throughout the day. 

All natural colors and grains are finished with multiple coats of clear polyurethane, and may be cleaned and polished as desired. 

Because this item is handmade, it will vary slightly from the image shown.

The barrettes are 3 1/2" long.

Handmade by Mark Bakula of Wooden Images in Florence, Montana.

Wooden Images began as a partnership of brothers John and Mark Bakula in Missoula, Montana in 1981. Today, Mark carries on their tradition of fine craftsmanship, distinctive design, and superior attention to detail.

"Our wood supply is responsibly sourced, and efficiently used. Our woodworking technique (parquetry) not only creates amazing geometric designs, but we are able to have minimal waste by using the smallest of pieces."

"Parquetry is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect. Parquetry dates back to the mid to late 1600s and is recognizable for it's highly regular, geometric patterns. All pieces are unique, and no two will ever be exactly the same."

"By combining a wide variety of woods and then carefully finishing them, each piece becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art. We make beautiful heirloom quality cribbage boards, wooden earrings, wooden hair barrettes, as well as items such as bookmarks and business card holders. Our magnetic knife racks make amazing gifts for the gourmet, a housewarming, or a wedding. We pride ourselves on meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail and feel it shows in the beauty and durability of each piece we make."

Find more of Mark's work here.

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