Sylph Reproduction by Liza Paizis

Sylph Reproduction by Liza Paizis

Liza Paizis

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This archival giclée features an image from an original artwork by Liza Paizis of McGregor, Iowa.


Liza is a self-taught visual artist and designer born and raised in South Africa and now living in McGregor, Iowa. For over two decades she has exhibited and sold her artwork and designs, traveling and living in England, Scotland, South Africa, and Australia. Liza is deeply passionate about what she creates; all of her work is derived from her imagination, Universal Consciousness, and the natural world.

"My art expresses images rich in archetypal meaning, drawing on mythological, multi-cultural and dream-inspired themes. My main artistic influences include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Symbolism, and Magical Realism."

Find more of Liza's work here.

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