Soybean and Corn Field by John Anderson-Bricker

John Anderson-Bricker

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Soybean & Corn Fields - Early Fog, Turkey River Valley, Millville, Iowa

This is a framed original acrylic on canvas painting by John Anderson-Bricker of Dubuque, Iowa.

Image size: 28 x 22”

Framed size: 29 x 23 x 1.5”

As a full time painter I primarily concentrate on the landscapes depicting the region along the Mississippi River. Approximately one third of my landscapes are from hiking in Colorado and northwest Utah and from my many explorations in upstate New York.

The typical development process involves hiking and preliminary pastel studies which are translated on to larger canvases utilizing acrylic paint. Studies usually combine observation with an emotional response to a particular place. When translating the study to the finished painting an improvisational approach is applied. The general composition and original mood of the study is maintained but the paint application and pigment choices become more improvisational in order to emphasize the particular direction of each painting. Improvisation is the single uniting characteristic throughout all of my approaches to art production. 

Landscape provides a framework and starting point for explorations in color, paint application and emotional responses to places, light and atmospheric effects. Preliminary on-site studies establish the composition and general mood of each work. Further adaptation occurs while painting on the canvases in the studio. New color combinations and brush applications evolve in response to the development of the canvas; these choices are made to enhance the mood and emotional impact of the painting.

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