Solstice Creek by John McGee

John McGee

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This is a framed original oil painting by John McGee of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Image size: 10" x 8" 

Framed size: 13.5" x 11.5"

John F. McGee is very much influenced by his native Midwest. His works, both paintings and drawings, reflect the land and the influence that land has had on him.  Educated in the Midwest, and having spent years living in the mountains of Colorado, his work reflects his love for those things around him.

The imagery McGee produces is enduring; it is both simple and complex. It speaks of a land that changes with the seasons, giving, then resting, in gray, then in green. The work invites the viewer to marvel at something as simple as a feather, or as complicated as a field that stretches forever to the horizon. Then it leaves the viewer to wonder what is over that horizon.

Timeless too are the structures in his works, some blending into the land, having served their purpose, some standing new, ready to do what is necessary to see it through the next harvest.

Find more of John's work here.

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