Silver Twig and Rock Necklace by Jennifer Nunnelee

Jennifer Nunnelee

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This unique pendant features a bezel set lake stone and a cast silver twig set on a silver circle or oval. Pendant measures approximately 2". Strung on an 18" oxidized sterling silver Rolo chain with a lobster clasp.

Because this item is handmade, and no two rocks are identical, it will vary slightly from the image shown.

Handmade by Jennifer Nunnelee in Elko New Market, Minnesota.


With a home base near Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jenny is a metalsmith who has been making jewelry professionally since 1999. She loves working with sterling silver and natural rocks gathered from around the Great Lakes area.

I love to make all things crafty, but jewelry is what I went to school for and what I focus on. I've roped my husband Ward into the jewelry business and now we work together. We live in the city but are drawn to Lake Superior and love to find rocks from the 

The ritual of gathering the rocks is integral to her craft. She flows between searching for specific rocks for a piece to designing based on whatever rocks she happens to come across in her exploration.

The interaction between nature and adornment is something she strives to convey in her jewelry. Jenny loves to take these basic natural elements and transform them into something even more beautiful for others to enjoy.

Find more of Jenny's work here.

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