Silver-lined Bracelet by David M Bowman Studio

David M Bowman Studio

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We use our range of patinas on thin sheets of copper or brass, which are chosen for their quality then captured within a silver cuff, handmade and rolled around the edges of the patinaed piece to form an elegant frame for the colors of the patina. Every one will be different in detail, and many patinas are offered.

Once we started offering several of our foldformed copper bracelets also with silver lining, we realized the new style would lend itself to use with simple, flat sheets of patinaed copper or brass, as a way to display the patinas themselves. The silver lining frames the colors of the patinas a more refined effect, and to keep the copper off of the wearer's skin.

A silver-lined brass cuff bracelet with a blue patina.

Cuff width: 1"

Cuff length: 6.25"

Handmade by David and Reed Bowman in Berkley, California.

David M Bowman Studio consists of two people: David Mills Bowman and his son, Reed Christopher Bowman. David began working in metal in 1971, near the time Reed was born; he first made silver jewelry, later moved on to brass belt buckles, then to larger pieces in patinaed brass. Over the years David has worked alone or with different assistants, but he has worked exclusively with Reed since the mid-1990s. They sell their work at fine retail galleries around the country.

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