Shimmer Vase by Corey Silverman

Corey Silverman

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The “Shimmer” vase collection melds color and texture in two complementary forms. Each hand-crafted and mouth-blown piece features a textural overwrap of glass threading that catches the light and lends touchable depth to the traditionally shiny-smooth medium of glass.

Available in two silhouettes, the HIVE and the COCOON.

  • The small HIVE style is a triangular form accented with two complementary colors.
  • The large COCOON form is graced with a wide belly, tapered top and bottom, and three complementary colors.

Each piece is unique and hand-crafted; exact colors and texture will vary. We recommend these vases be used for decor purposes only. From left to right vases are Blue Hive, Blue Cocoon, Green Cocoon, Green Hive, Yellow Hive, and Yellow Cocoon. Sold individually or in color matched pairs.


  • Hive: 6'' tall x 3'' diameter
  • Cocoon: 9.5'' tall x 4.5'' diameter

Handmade by Corey Silverman of The Furnace in Denver, Colorado. 

Corey Silverman of The Furnace was formally trained as a glass artist while getting his BFA at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. Upon graduating in 1998 he worked with several glass studios around the country before settling in Denver, Colorado in 1999.

After much experimentation with glass in all its guises--including slumped forms, casting, cold work, and solid sculpting--he found himself always coming back to the blown form. “I love the immediacy found in making a blown vessel. There’s no questioning what it’s going to look like. You know the end result as you’re putting it away in the annealer. It feels great to have that kind of instant gratification in an art form.”

Corey Silverman created The Furnace Inc. in April of 2016 after 8 years as a partner and co-owner of C&H Glassworks. Everything from the Furnace is handblown and sculpted by Corey. Although there are specific product lines, every item is one of a kind. All pieces are signed and dated.

Find more of Corey's work here.

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