Rainbow Sticker by Sarah Angst

Sarah Angst

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Bring some color into your life!

This glossy vinyl sticker features an image from an original linocut by Sarah Angst of Bozeman, Montana. Each sticker is approximately 2.5" x 4". Perfect for water bottles, travel mugs, journal covers, bumpers, and more!

Sarah Angst grew up in Winnipeg, Canada and attended the University of Minnesota – Duluth. In 2007 she moved with her husband to Bozeman, Montana, where she took the plunge to become a full time artist. After years of traveling to art fairs across the country, Sarah knew that nomadic lifestyle would not be sustainable, especially if she wanted to start a family.

Sarah Angst Cards began in 2011 with a decision to create affordable reproductions of her bright & bold, hand painted linocuts. Customers were so drawn to her beautiful imagery that greeting cards seemed like the perfect medium to share her art with a vast audience - without being on the road. With compliments from customers like “We buy cards by the handful!” she knew her choice to create greeting cards was the right one. People from all walks of life find special designs they want to give, keep, or frame.

Most of Sarah’s original pieces are small and quaint, displaying the effortless beauty in everyday subject matter. They reflect her love of nature, her passion for color, and her sense of humor.

My approach to art forces me to simplify things; to find the essence of my subject and display it with line and color. With so many distractions in life, it is soothing to enjoy something simple and serene, that grabs your attention, but also reminds you to slow down and enjoy the beauty in life.

I like creating pieces that seem familiar to people; that help remind them of fond memories from their own lives. When I finish a piece and it has a timeless nostalgic quality, my hope is that feeling will resonate with others as well.

I have always loved creating art - ever since I was a little girl. Putting elements together until they look and feel just right is very rewarding. Having others respond so positively to what I’ve created is even better.

The printmaking process:

Sarah's original prints begin with a drawing, which she transfers onto a linoleum block in reverse. She carefully carves away all the negative space using knives and gouges, leaving only the raised image. She then makes an impression of the carving, by rolling a thin layer of black ink over the block. She carefully positions a sheet of strong printing paper on top of it, and uses the back of a wooden spoon, rubbing with hard, even pressure to transfer the ink onto the paper. When the ink has dried she brings the image to life by hand painting each impression with high quality watercolor inks.

Sarah's pieces use a combination of printmaking and watercolor painting techniques; created by hand from beginning to end. Each linoleum block print is a part of an edition, telling the viewer or collector that there are only a limited amount of impressions that are made just the same. The bottom number shows the total that will ever be made to look just like it, and the top number shows where that particular impression falls into the edition. Each linoleum block print is an original work of art. For an edition of 75, the block must be rolled with ink 75 times, with each piece of paper placed on it by hand. The ink is then transferred to the paper using the back of a wooden spoon, and then each impression is carefully hand painted 75 different times with brilliant colors. Finally, each impression is signed, numbered and stamped by the artist in the order it was created.

Find more of Sarah's work here.

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