Peg Jump 6- Triangle Jumping Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse

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6 Holes wide and high, this is a more advanced version of the common 5 wide triangle jump puzzle familiar to Cracker Barrel fans. Your goal is to eliminate all pegs except one. Start with 1 hole empty and then jump over any adjacent peg on a row, column, or diagonal. Remove the peg that was jumped over. Continue this process until you can no longer make any legal jumps. Ideally you will end up with 1 peg!

You can solve this puzzle by leaving any initial hole vacant and it is possible to end up with the last hole in the same position as the initial starting hole.

The worst you can possibly do is to have 12 pegs left; but this in itself can be a goal. It is at least as difficult to find this "solution" as it is to find the single peg solution.

The box top is nicely finished Cherry wood with laser etched lines. The box itself is made from floorboard material for strength and durability. Measures about 4 x 3.5 x 1.75 in the box. The pegs are 1 1/4" high cribbage pegs. Please note color of pegs may vary.

Made in their Hudson, Florida shop.

Comes with a solution and reference to George Bell's excellent site that focuses on Triangle Jump puzzles.

Level of Difficulty: Level 4

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