Outback Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse

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There are 4 cherry pieces and the one small rectangular maple piece. The puzzle comes unsolved with your goal to fit all pieces including the maple piece into the large opening of the frame. It is quite challenging with only 1 possible known solution. I think under 2 hours would be quite a good solution time.

Even just getting the 4 larger pieces into the frame without having seen that solution is not at all easy. It would be a good "warm up" from your brain. Analysis by Bill Cutler has shown that there are at least 5 possibles ways to get the 4 large pieces into the frame. Any one of them is difficult so these are wonderful added bonus challenges with this puzzle! Of course the ultimate challenge is getting all 5 pieces in place.

Measures about 5.5" x 3.5" in the base and cover. The cover will keep all pieces in place and is great for travel and storage. Wood is 1/4" thick with nice lacquer finish. Pieces and the inner frame area are laser cut for precise fits.

This is a Stewart Coffin design, #222, made with his permission. It was originally presented at IPP27.

Level of Difficulty: Level 5

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