Oil Bottle by Jim Loewer

Jim Loewer

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Oil pouring bottle inspired by natural landscapes. This is based on my stalagmite vases, but heavier, thicker,  and with a subtle balance of clear, translucent and opaque glass.  It also makes a beautiful vase. 

Dimensions: The glass part is 10" tall it is 12" tall with the fitted metal oil spout.

Handmade by Jim Loewer of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I use a propane/oxygen mix torch to melt and shape glass. The color is colored borosilicate glass rods or powder melted directly into clear glass tubing. Forms are blown and sculpted in the flame and then annealed in a kiln.

I’ve tried other career paths. I studied painting, taught art in a juvenile jail, worked on a fishing boat, and got a J.D., but I kept returning to glass. I love turning solid glass into a liquid and back again and experimenting with new ways of adding color, shaping glass, and pushing the boundaries of size for lamp-working. As a maker, I aim to make colorful, playful work that you will want to hang in your windows, decorate your house with, drink your whiskey from, and give to your mom.

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