Odd Man Out Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

Odd Man Out Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse

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There are 9 blocks (7/8"" cubes) with numbers 1 thru 6 laser engraved into the faces. These come packed in an attractive box with sliding lid.

There are 2 different puzzles to solve. The most challenging of which is called "Odd Man Out". You must select 8 of the blocks and assemble them into a 2x2x2 cube such that each face has a unique number. That is, one side may have all 1's, another side all 2's, another all 3's, etc... similar to a dice cube. Because there are 9 blocks available, one of the blocks you do not use in the 8 block cube, BUT which one is it?? That's part of the challenge as if you do not eliminate the correct cube then it cannot be solved.

The last puzzle objective is to form a 3x3 flat grid such that all number on the top are the same and each side has a unique number. Disregard the bottom surface. There are a number of possible solutions to this one. Try it with any one of the 6 possible numbers on the top surface and see if you can find a solution.

All figures in the blocks are deeply laser engraved with no inks or paints, so they will endure indefinitely.

Made in their Hudson, Florida shop.

Level of Difficulty: Level 4

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