Nighttime Butterflies Birthday Card from Artists to Watch

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This 5" x 7" greeting card is printed on a white, coated smooth recycled paper with soy based inks. It comes with a matching envelope.


I wish I may, I wish I might wish you a Happy Birthday tonight

Inside message:

Wishing you a year that shines with the light of a million stars!

This card features an image from an original piece by Megan Dunagan of Melbourne, Florida. Printed by Artists to Watch in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Megan grew up and lived in California for thirty years before moving to Florida for her husband’s work. She misses her home state but is glad to do some good in her new one. She loves laughing and making people smile; in her free time, Megan enjoys sewing, yoga, playing with her two cats, and doing house projects.

In the mid-90s, her parents got a PC, and she began experimenting with Microsoft Paint, creating desktop backgrounds, and writing her name in different ways (as you do). From there, she progressed to JASC PaintShop Pro and made graphics, that any early aughts teenager would love, for her self-coded HTML website. This was in the Flash-was-cool days and when you’d make internet friends with domain-owners who let you have a subdomain on their website. In high school, she eventually saved up for Photoshop and became interested in photo manipulation, which was popular on Deviant Art back then.

In 2005, Megan started college and pursued Photography, but after shooting weddings for a few years, she realized she loved the graphics aspect. She started her first “career” job in 2007 in Los Angeles at a fabric company creating repeats in Photoshop, and it’s where she learned Illustrator on a Mac. After that, she went to another fabric company and stayed there for six years as a senior designer and technical specialist; then went freelance for five, becoming skilled in illustration and InDesign. Right after the pandemic hit, she began working as a tech illustrator in aerospace, where she’s taken on a more official leadership role as well as lead trainer and instructional expert.

In 2021, she went back to school for Graphic Design after being in the field for over fifteen years. She will graduate in early 2024 with a BA in Graphic Design. Megan also earned a certificate from Cornell called Women in Leadership; the certificate courses made her realize what it takes to be a servant leader and how to leverage her strengths as a woman.


Find more of Megan's work here.


Artists to Watch is an award-winning company working directly with independent artists to craft high-quality products that meld visually intriguing images with thought-provoking words. Our line is carefully curated to publish several exclusive collections from independent artists - each with a different look, feel, and voice. The result? A unique collection of products that inspire, celebrate, sympathize, and encourage those we love and support.

Life is busy, but we can never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. All the little social media “Likes” in passing will never compare to receiving a lovely handwritten message from a friend or loved one. When paired with amazing art & perhaps a perfect quote, it helps us to feel grounded, connected, and part of the whole.

We believe that a sustainable environment requires everyone to be conscious about the consumption of non-renewable resources while finding ways to reduce waste. Therefore, we only print on recycled paper! Each printed product we create has the highest post-consumer content available in a sheet that will still produce a high-quality reproduction. By printing with vegetable-based inks our products are less harmful to the environment. All our paper mills and printers are Forest Stewardship Council certified. We respect our environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing our waste at every opportunity.

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