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This 4.6" x 6.25" greeting card is silk-screen printed by hand. It comes with a coordinating envelope.

Inside message:  Good move

This card features an image by Jane Dixon of Chicago, Illinois. Printed by Great Arrow Graphics in Buffalo, New York.

"I like to have fun in my work, using color and shape to create my personal response to the world. Bold organic shapes, saturated color, and black and white occupy my artwork. But it's a sense of simplicity, a loose hand, and a whimsical attitude that guides me in expressing the essence of a subject."

"As a child, I grew up in various parts of the US. Austin, Texas was my home for the first 30 years of my adult life. This unique town provided a happy atmosphere of casual living that helped shape my appreciation and personal perspective of art, music, and nature."

"I’m a self-taught artist, beginning as a watercolor painter at age 14. I sold my paintings through galleries and dealers for many years. In the mid-nineties I delved into corporate art, learning about teamwork, professionalism, and design. Computer software for illustration and design soon fascinated me and I found many jobs in which to employ these new skills: Art Buyer, Graphic Designer, Photo Stylist, Product Designer, and Illustrator."

"I’d always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and was afforded the opportunity in 2007. I opened my own studio in the Chicago area, creating surface design for a variety of products. Marketing at design trade shows since 2012, I’ve been further extended opportunities to meet and collaborate with a great many people and their unique projects."

Find more of Jane's work here.

Experience Great Arrow silkscreened cards – the bold hues and velvety feel of ink printed by hand, layered one color at a time. In 1984, Alan Friedman and Donna Massimo began making silkscreened cards for holidays and every day in a small studio in Buffalo, New York. 35 years and 7000 cards later, the tradition continues with the help of a crew of talented local artists working with wonderful designers from around the world.

In a shop, a Great Arrow card is unmistakable… an oasis of brilliant, luscious color. The greetings are simple (sometimes punny) to inspire the sender to say what they feel.   We purchase FSC certified papers, use recycled materials wherever possible and print with U.S. made inks. In the end, it's love that makes our cards something worth sending and keeping. A Great Arrow hand silkscreened card is a hug that fits in an envelope.

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