Nautilus Graphite Drawing Instrument by Zen Stone Garden

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This graphite drawing instrument was made by Kelly Barker in Newport, Oregon.

Nautilus is the common name of the marine creatures of the cephalopod family. Nautiluses are the sole living cephalopods whose bony body structure is externalized as a shell. The animal can withdraw completely into its shell and close the opening with a leathery hood formed from two specially folded tentacles. The shell is coiled, aragonitic, nacreous, and pressure resistant, imploding at a depth of about 800 metres (2,600 feet).

This two-sided graphite sculpture is a work of art as well as a playful writing instrument. Made from composites and pure graphite this sculpture can be used to write or draw on multiple mediums or collected and displayed as an art piece. It is coated in soy wax to keep your hands clean. Packaging is 100% recyclable.

Dimensions: approximately 6" long


Kelly Barker, is an eclectic artist who has been working in several mediums for over 40 years. He owned a successful art gallery for 30 years which gave him insight into our gift lines which we wholesale to galleries and art museums throughout the nation. He started his craft with woodworking where his wood inlays were published in Fine Woodworking’s, Design Book III. He then dedicated his time learning to do bronze sculpting. He has had several public works commissioned. These include four at Windham Resorts in Princeville Hawaii, one at the Harbor Park’s entrance in Des Moines, WA along with numerous to individual collectors. Presently he spends his time making rock furniture and sculpting new designs for the graphite drawing instruments. The Zen Garden began creating stone Vases, Ikebanas, Lamps, Tea Lights, Fountains, and Oil lamps in 2000. The graphite sculpture projects began in the Spring of 2006.

Find more work by Kelly here.

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