Moonrise II Greeting Card by Jane Chukas

Moonrise II Greeting Card by Jane Chukas

Jane Chukas

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This blank greeting card features an image from an original pastel painting by Jane Chukas of Galena, Illinois. Includes a coordinating envelope.

Measures 5.5" x 4.25"

Jane Chukas has lived most of her life in the small towns and rural settings. Music was her first art form.  She has a bachelor’s degree in music education as well as extensive experience as a musician and teacher.

I began my working career in music.  As time has gone by I have discovered a new love--visual art.  But I bring music with me.  Tone, color, rhythm, melody all appear in a painting in different form.  But I didn't know that until I started to paint.  What a surprise to discover 'ya gotta have rhythm!' 

She largely works with oil pastels on a black surface, generally a hand-prepared pastel board or watercolor paper. She also works in acrylics and oils on a variety of surfaces. She continually experiments with different mediums and ground.

Most of my pictures are from my own imagination.  Inspiration comes to me in flashes. I doodle.  I see the possibility of a picture and generally start with a sketch, allowing the piece to develop as I work. I’m never quite sure how it will come out since somewhere along the line, the image seems to take over and direct its own progress.

This staying present in the moment allows for freedom and growth with each piece. I strive for strong design, dynamic color and simplicity. I work toward an abstract element within the framework of representational art.

Find more of Jane's work here.

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