I'm Growing Print by Gingiber

I'm Growing Print by Gingiber


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I'm growing.

Bring a bit of magic into your home with a Gingiber print. Featuring beautiful colors and delicate illustrations, these prints are great to gift or keep!

  • Available as an 8 x 10" art print with a white border for ease of framing
  • Printed, packaged, and shipped in house
  • Ultra premium presentation paper and archival inks

Gingiber is the work of artist Stacie Bloomfield of Springdale, Arkansas.

My name is Stacie Bloomfield, and I’m an artist, a mom of 3, married to a mathematician turned computer coder. We live in a perpetual fixer upper in Northwest Arkansas. 

When I was a little girl, I knew in my gut that I would grow up to be an artist. Either that, or a professional softball player (I watched a League of Their Own on repeat). I did grow up to be an artist, but my success has been wildly different from what I predicted. In fact, it has far exceeded anything my mind could have imagined. 

I married a sweet guy named Nathan when I was 20, and we welcomed our first daughter when I was only 22. And for a while, I put my dreams of being an artist on hold so that I could support my graduate student husband, all while balancing working full time at a coffee shop and trying to figure out motherhood. It was too much. I longed to find a way back to art, to be present for my kids, and to create income from my art so that I could support my family.

That was 12 years ago. What has happened in my life since then has been a mix of trial and error, lots of hard work, thousands of French Presses of strong coffee, and the unwavering dream that I was put on this earth to somehow, someway, use my talents for illustration to do good. To make a difference. To provide stability for my own growing family. 

That's when Gingiber was born. My number one goal is to create artwork and products that encourages and inspires you to live your most full, creative life.

Gingiber's original designs feature bold, vibrant colors and unexpected patterns. We have a teeny sentimental streak, and a healthy obsession with vintage children's book illustrations and stories you never quite outgrow. Our goods are made to be timeless and enjoyed by those seeking to rediscover their creative spark. Gingiber has established a playful, colorful, and uplifting body of work that can be used in the nursery, for home decor, wall art, and more From animals to holiday, from typographical driven illustrations to figurative work, Gingiber will add “Zest To Your Nest”.

Find more Gingiber work here.

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