Guiding Stars Silkscreen Print by Allison and Jonathan Metzger

Guiding Stars Silkscreen Print by Allison and Jonathan Metzger

Midnight Oil Studio

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We use a phosphorescent ink on the stars which absorbs UV light and then glows for 10-15 minutes once the room is dark. This moth will glow even brighter if you charge it will a flashlight. So much fun!

This is an original piece of fine art using the process of silkscreen printmaking. Hand-drawn and hand-printed by Allison and Jonathan Metzger, of Midnight Oil Studio, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Image size: 5.75" x 5.25"

Paper size: 8.25" x 8.25"

Edition size limited to 250.


Midnight Oil Studio & Workshop was co-founded by husband and wife team, Jonathan and Allison Metzger in the fall of 2015.

Working within traditional printmaking methods, they create limited edition serigraph images. Firmly rooted in American Modernism they use bold, colorful shapes and textures to explore the world around them.


Both Allison and Jonathan received their Masters of Fine Art Degrees from University of Kansas. Graduating in the spring of 2013, Jonathan and Allison moved to Jackson, Mississippi where Jonathan taught drawing, printmaking and painting at a small Liberal Arts College as a Visiting Professor.

A year later, they moved to Central Virginia just west of Richmond, Virginia where Jonathan held another teaching position as Visiting Professor. Allison joined in this adventure and taught fine art workshops in the numerous communities that they lived until spring 2015. 

During the summer of 2015, while participating in an Artist Residency held at the prestigious Red Barn in Lindsborg, Kansas, they decided to pursue something they always dreamed of doing; opening their own studio where they could create their own original work and build a platform to interact with the public and art collectors alike.


We create because we believe in the significance of original artwork and the power it has in creating positive human connection and critical thought. As a creative couple, we are passionate about producing unique fine art serigraph images that are accessible to people from all walks of life.

Our artwork will always be made by our hands. Every limited edition is hand-drawn and hand-printed by us in our traditional print studio. Throughout our body of work, we strive to celebrate the world around us by traveling and exploring cultures, communities, and environments both near and far.

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