February Hand-painted Etching by Beth Bird

Beth Bird

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This is a hand-painted etching by Galena, Illinois, artist Beth Bird.

Etching is a print making process that involves drawing on a metal plate, putting the plate in an acid bath to "eat" the drawing into the metal, and then inking the plate and running it through a printing press.  It is a tedious process that was created as a way to make multiples of an image before photography, photocopying, and digital technology.

Today, artists continue to make etchings and other prints as an artistic process and it allows them to produce multiple copies of an image without the use of photography. After Beth prints her etching she then adds another step and paints with gouache (a less transparent type of watercolor) to colorize her etchings.  Each one created is then a unique piece of art.  Ultimately, etchings have more value and cost more than reproductions.

Image Size: 23.75 x 37.25" approximately

Matted Size: 34.75 x 48.25"

Framed Size: 37.75 x 51.5"

Edition number: 11/50, signed in pencil by the artist.

Unframed price is $2000.00

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