Exposition by Jennifer Braig

Exposition by Jennifer Braig

Jennifer Braig

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Original landscape oil painting on canvas by Jennifer Braig of Spearfish, South Dakota. 

Measures about 40" x 16”.

450Jennifer Braig grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, where she received a major in art, and minors in art history and English, from Loras College in 1992. That same year she moved to the Black Hills, where she currently resides in Spearfish with her husband and two daughters. For a landscape painter, moving to the west was ideal. Now Jenny spends her time painting landscapes of both the Midwest and the west.

I paint landscapes because it is what I love and feel passionate about. Nature, for me, is the biggest source of inspiration and offers an endless supply of visual ideas.

I hope that when people see my work they not only are influenced emotionally; perhaps reminded of someplace they have been; but also see the beauty in the work itself. The idealized color and line, the luscious textural oil of which my paintings are made.

Find more of Jenny's work here.

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