Dots Necklace by Shirley Price

Shirley Price

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This delightful Dots necklace is made of sterling silver and a semi-precious stone (K2 Granite) and is from her "jewelry with an edge" collection.  K2 granite was discovered recently. It is a form of Granite Gneiss, however it contains spherical, bright blue spots. Named after the rock formation it is exclusively found on, the K2 mountains of Pakistan- an extremely remote area of the world.

Total pendant size is approximately 1.5". Comes on a 19.5" sterling silver chain.

Handcrafted by Shirley Price of Indio, California.

A cool elegance and soothing balance draws the viewer into Shirley's limited edition, fine silver collection. The Asian-inspired pieces announce the beautiful symmetry of line and color. Her designs express the visual and emotional relationship between the metal and stones, thereby establishing the best possible marriage of the two. They are the melding of contemporary with the best of heritage, delivering pieces that are commanding when viewed, dramatic when worn.

Free-form, hand-cut, hand-polished cabochons are selected for the depth of color and intriguing textures. These are set with fine and sterling silver. A single pearl on each piece has become my recognized signature. My pieces are often named for a virtue; grace, gratitude, joy, happiness, and peace.


Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Shirley's artistic life path has taken many turns. Starting with knitting and selling baby booties, caps, sewing some of her own clothes at the age of 10, she has explored pottery, weaving, leather work, leaded glass and watercolors. Shirley recalls her mother saying, "Art is a story worth telling."

Shirley found her heart's story when she discovered precious metal work. Studying fabrication in California at the Irvine Fine Arts Center and the Revere Goldsmith School in San Francisco allowed her to hone her art. Drawn to the quiet balance of the Asian culture and inspired by beautiful colored stones gathered on trips around the world, Shirley creates her unique pieces "to reflect a woman's innate individuality, beauty and mystery."

Find more of Shirley's work here.

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