Day Dreamer by Lori Biwer-Stewart

Lori Biwer-Stewart

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This is an original linocut by Lori Biwer-Stewart of Osage, Iowa.

The young girl sits under a tree day dreaming. Handpainted colors start to come from the top of her head and bloom into a lilac bush with paper origami birds in the branches. The nest she holds with a few bird eggs in it may represent reality while the origami birds represent imagination.

"Day Dreamer" is an original linoleum created and hand pulled in my studio on heavy weight Stonehenge printmaking paper. Each is hand painted with lightfast inks, so each print may vary slightly.

Linocut is a type of relief print. Relief printing is a technique where a piece of paper is “stamped” by the top surface of the plate painted in ink. A design is cut into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife and chisels.

Image size: 5 x 7"
Edition size: 24

Signed and titled in pencil below the print.

Print comes mounted on a piece of acid free foamcore and packaged in an archival vinyl sleeve for protection.

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