Whale Animus Sticker by Cat Rocketship

Cat Rocketship

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Embrace the eerie allure of this unique design, featuring a captivating blend of the majestic whale and a creepy-cute human skeleton silhouette.

What is your Animus? Is there a ghostly creature that floats along with you, as your trusted friend and adviser? Is there a creature out there whose characteristics you embody? I created the Animus Collection thinking about the connections between humans and our relatives, and the familiar traits that show up in us all.

This is a 3" wide vinyl sticker made from a drawing by Cat Rocketship of Des Moines, Iowa.

A lot of my work is highly graphic, uses bold lines and colors, and I love to use skeletons to remind humans how we are connected to other-than-human beings.

I work with multiple mediums: digital illustration, traditional drawing and watercolor, and creating interior and exterior murals with acrylic, latex, and spray paint. I focus on stickers, prints, and murals in order to make work that is affordable and accessible to lots and lots of people.

Find more of Cat's work here.

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