Christmas Tree Lettering Greeting Card from Ink Meets Paper

Ink Meets Paper

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To a bright and very merry Christmas filled with so much love.

This 4.25" x 5.5" blank card is from Ink Meets Paper of Charleston, South Carolina. Each card is letterpress printed and paired with the Signature Ink Meets Paper Kraft Envelope which features printed seams and liner. 


Creatives and makers at heart, we’re Allison and Jamie Nadeau, the wife-and-wife owners of Ink Meets Paper. We’re passionate about producing thoughtful, deliberate products that help to spread more love in the world.

Ink Meets Paper started in 2006 with custom stationery and invitations for friends and family. Along with a move to Charleston, SC and corporate jobs as an editor and interaction designer, we discovered a love for the craft of letterpress printing in 2008 with a printmaking class at a local art studio. After spending so much time behind the screen, it was refreshing to be so hands-on and involved in the physical process of creating a printed piece. That same year, we purchased a 1,000+ pound Chandler & Price printing press (made in 1923). With quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Ink Meets Paper greeting card line launched in 2010.

All of our greeting cards and paper goods are designed, printed on antique printing machines (one color at a time!), assembled by hand, and shipped from our studio in the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston. Our oldest printing press is a 10×15 Chandler and Price press from 1896, and the youngest is a 10×15 Heidelberg Windmill press from 1959.


At Ink Meets Paper, we like words. Even moreso, we like handwritten words: a note cherished because of the sender’s loopy handwriting, because of the thoughtful sentiment, because someone took the time to address and mail that note. Handwritten communication is one of the most authentic interactions you can share with someone, and we’re passionate about creating products to celebrate and uphold the beauty of the handwritten and the handcrafted.

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