Can I Come In? Cat Print by Jamie Shelman

Can I Come In? Cat Print by Jamie Shelman

Jamie Shelman

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This print features an image from an original drawing by Baltimore, Maryland artist Jamie Shelman of The Dancing Cat studio.

Image size: 6.5" x 7.25"

Paper size: 8.5" x 11"

100% cotton, fine art paper with an elegant velvet surface for a crisp saturated look.

Art for the moderately crazy cat lover. We offer whimsical and unique cat cards and prints. The Dancing Cat is a husband and wife team. Jamie and Tom met while studying at RISD. Founded in 2008 (while living between New York City and Martha's Vineyard), our shop seeks to capture and share our love of fat cats and good design.  Jamie creates the cats and Tom assists with packaging and heads the sanity department.

Formerly our neighbor's cat & now our permanent resident and art inspector, Brooksy, serves as the local muse. He enjoys belly rubs and ham and will charm you with his superman pose when feelin' hungry ;D

The origin of our shop name, The Dancing Cat, comes from drawing dancing cats while listening to classical music on the Vineyard. We believe in handmade, all works are originally drawn by hand then scanned onto the computer and digitally colored. There is a life force and energy that can still only be captured by hand!

Inspired by their fat plump shapes and seal like bodies, we've found cats to be the perfect form of self expression. From cats doing 'cat things' to more human activities, our art hopes to capture and stir the same love and passion for cats & art that you experience, often in a whimsical or unique manner. We hope you can recognize your cat, or yourself in our pictures! :D

Find more of Jamie's work here.

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