Mountains and Leaf Reversible Enamel Necklace by Mark Poulin

Mark Poulin

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This design features an abstract branch and a geometric mountain drawing... reversible for two looks in one! Perfect for the stylish outdoor type. My modern sketch necklaces are contemporary, wearable, and utterly unique! 

This adorable little pendant is made from enameled sterling silver and hangs from a sterling silver cable chain that is adjustable between 16-20". The pendant measures approximately 0.75" long. 

Each piece is cast in sterling silver, to which 3 layers of vitreous enamel are applied and fired. Finally, Mark applies and fires the custom screen prints made from his drawings. Adorable, durable, and unique!

Handmade by Mark Poulin of Oakland, California.


Give me a pencil to sketch with, a piece of wax to crave, some metal to shape, and I’m a happy camper.

I learned to make jewelry by taking classes at the local rec center here in Oakland, California... and also through lots of trial and error and trips to the library.

Making jewelry excites me and I love watching the transformation of an idea to a drawing to a finished object.  The process never ceases to amaze and challenge me.

I am inspired by pop culture, high art, low art, and the vocabulary of minimalism. 

Find more of Mark's work here.

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