8 Assorted Boxed Fold-A-Notes by Artists to Watch

8 Assorted Boxed Fold-A-Notes by Artists to Watch

Artists to Watch

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Artwork is by Jennifer Davis and the box contains 2 of each design shown. 

A new take on the old! Show your style with these retro Fold-A-Notes, personally designed by the artist! Our tri-fold notes are 6.5" x 11.75" flat and 4.75" x 6.5" folded. There are 2 notes of each design for a total of 8 in each box. No envelopes are required. Simply, address, use the wafer seals to close them up, put a stamp on them, drop them in the mail!

Jennifer's usual mode of working is very spontaneous and intuitive. The narrative quality of each of her paintings becomes apparent during the process of drawing, painting, and via various additive and subtractive processes including layering, sanding and scraping. Her small-scale “portraits” (of people, animals, trees and objects), have a surreal candy-land exterior full of pastel-colored innocence, which only hint at an undercurrent of darkness and mystery.

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