12 x 12 Mixed Media Painting by M. Robinson Artworks

M. Robinson Artworks

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This 12 x 12 mixed media painting is a combination of acrylic paints, and modeling paste finished with a layer of resin on a 1.5 wood panel, giving it a high gloss appeal, and depth. 

Created by M. Robinson Artworks located in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Michael and Mary Ann begin their work by tinting lightweight modeling paste and applying it to the canvas or masonite box.  Then, they press objects or draw images into the modeling paste…lines, circles, etc., leaving impressions.  After the paste dries, they paint it with a coat of black gesso and allow time to dry.  Next, they layer vibrant, high viscosity paints onto the piece.  After the piece cures, Michael deconstructs the painting by sanding layers off, revealing the tinted modeling paste and gesso in selected areas.  Finally, a two part epoxy is carefully applied in stages, utilizing a torch to remove bubbles, thus creating the glass like resin finish."      

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