Wooden Magnet With Three Pegs by Mark Bakula

Mark Bakula

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These magnets with hooks are so handy, beautiful, strong, functional and very unique. With four hooks and four 1/2" rare earth magnet inset on the back you can hang keys, masks, or a hand towel and potholders. It would give you a great place to hang your dog's leash and collar and ball caps for easy access when it is time to go out for a walk. This hook is not limited to your refrigerator or the kitchen. You can use it on anything that has a metal surface. Handy in the office or garage also.

Did I mention that these magnets are STRONG!?!?!? They can easily hold up a calendar, or up to 10 sheets of card stock. We use four neodymium magnets rated N 42 with a zinc coating, so they won't leave black marks on your refrigerator.

The magnet is made of various hard woods, including Cherry, Curly Maple, White Oak, Black Walnut, Zebrawood, Ash, Leopardwood, Chakte Kok, Jatoba Bloodwood, Satinwood, Canarywood, Purple Heart, Padauk, and Wenge. All the wood is it's natural color, no stains or dyes are ever used.

The pegs are just under 1/2" wide at the head and there is 5/8" from the surface of the magnet to the back of the head.

Handmade by Mark Bakula of Wooden Images in Florence, Montana.

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