Tree of Life Wall Sculpture by Sondra Gerber

Sondra Gerber

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You asked Sondra to do her rendition of the tree of life and she outdid herself with this clever design!

Striking hand brushed aluminum with fused iridized glass accent. Carefully planned out textures and cut-outs create depth. Hand painted translucent paint adds another layer of interest to the piece. 

Available in "Day" (copper-orange tree, with iridescent blue-orange glass sun) or "Night" (blue tree with iridescent orange glass moon)

You may also hang this piece outdoors, it will not rust (be cautious of winds and extreme sun exposure).

This sculpture is part of the Collector Series and will be marked as an original Sondra Gerber sculpture with a label on the backside. 

Size: 22" round x 3" deep

Made by Sondra Gerber in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Sondra's aluminum sculptures have an intimate interaction between shape, shadow, reflection, and movement. The use of positive and negative shapes within her designs cast alluring shadows that interact with the piece itself. Carefully planned out patterns and textures are ground into the surface to reflect light, creating the appearance of movement. Arranging multiple layers of images challengers the viewer to look beyond the surface. This is the hallmark of her work.

While the influence of mid-century design is undeniable in Sondra's creations, she maintains a look that is fresh and unique to her. Sondra seeks innovative techniques, new technology, and a continued openness for new ideas. This results in an ever-evolving body of work.

Sondra's original designs are drawn into a CAD program and then are intricately cut by laser from aluminum into dimensional layers. Each piece is then meticulously hand-brushed with different power tools to create reflective lines that intentionally flow with the artwork. Transparent color (which allows the grinding patterns to show through) is added by hand-painting layers of colors, or with hand-cut fused glass (fired in house). Sculptures are manually bent and assembled and signed by the artist. These pieces are safe to install outdoors-- just be careful of wind.

Throughout childhood, Sondra was nurtured to do all things creative. Well-versed in art, she attended the Colorado Art Institute to earn a fashion degree. While exploring several creative ventures after college, Sondra "found herself" in welding class for the next five years. She kicked off her sculpting career by opening a gallery in 2001. More than two decades later, Sondra's sculptures can be found throughout the country... you may have even seen her featured on HGTV doing her craft!
Find more of Sondra's work here.

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