Solglimt Silkscreen Print by Allison and Jonathan Metzger

Midnight Oil Studio

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"Solglimt" is a original, limited edition serigraph print. Each image is created using hand-cut & hand-drawn stencils. Every piece is hand-pulled by us, the artists in our studio.

This is a 9-layer piece; where, like all of work, each layer is a hand-cut stencil that we then hand pull.
The word "solglimt" is Swedish and translates roughly to "sun glimmers (or reflections) on water" (there is no English equivalent).

This is an original piece of fine art using the process of Silkscreen printmaking. Hand-drawn and hand-printed by Allison & Jonathan Metzger, of Midnight Oil Studio, in their home studio in Des Moines, Iowa.

Image size: 5.25 x 6.75"

Paper size: 7.75 x 9.75"

Edition size limited to 45.

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