Rattle by David Haessig

David Haessig

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This rattle features a variety of layered hardwood and makes a gentle sound when shaken. 

The finish on each Heirloom Baby Rattle is non-toxic and "baby safe". This product meets FHSA (Federal Hazardous Substances Act) requirements for rattles.

Rattle measures 5-1/4” long, 1-1/2” deep and 1-3/4” across their widest part -- a safe size for infants. 

Handmade by David and Jeneice Haessig in Sarona, Wisconsin.

Because this item is handmade, it will vary slightly from the image shown.

Inspired by the trees that surround their Northern Wisconsin studio, David and Jeneice create unique, functional wooden pieces of David's design. Each piece is handcrafted by just the two of them and their work is highly polished with a natural finish.

David Haessig was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, on a chicken farm on the far west side of the city. He began his career as a woodworker in 1976, building custom furniture. From there he started making sculptural and functional pieces and exhibiting his work at fine art and craft fairs around the country.

Haessig laminates exotic and domestic hardwoods to create appealing functional forms. He eventually started using spalted woods harvested from the land around his studio and home.

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