Rainbow Moon Niobium Earrings by Julie Snyder

Rainbow Moon Niobium Earrings by Julie Snyder

Julie Snyder

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Hues of deep plum, blues and greens stratify the Hammered Niobium Moon Earrings. The silvery blue ear wires are handmade from Niobium and compliment the earrings. Niobium metal is naturally lightweight and hypoallergenic. Handmade by Julie Snyder of Fitchburg, Wisconsin.

Anodizing niobium is done by placing each piece into a water bath and applying an electric current. The voltage determines the color. In this process, the surface oxides are changed and the effect is similar to a rainbow. Niobium is very lightweight and hypoallergenic.

“I love the process of transforming metal into art. Beginning with the design process, to forging the metal, and setting the stones. Finally, when each piece finds it’s way to it’s new owner, this is deeply satisfying for me.”


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