Poker Dice Deluxe by Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse

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Roll the dice and try to get the best poker hand!

Five handcrafted dice with 30 different cards represented. Each cube is 7/8" diameter hardwood with the card info deeply laser engraved into the dice.

Unlike standard Poker Dice sets that have the same dice repeated 5 times, this set has 5 different dice with no card repeated. There are many more possible hands and options when playing the game. All cards 8 through Ace are represented in all four suits, plus the 7 of spades and diamonds.

The dice set comes nicely boxed with base and cover. Box measures about 5.5 x 2.8 x 1.4"

Made in their Hudson Florida shop.

Rules : Each player has three rolls. On the first roll, all five dice are rolled. Set aside any number of dice that you want to keep in your hand.

After the second roll, once again set aside any number of dice and re-roll the remainder. Once dice are set aside, they may not be re-rolled. A player is not required to make a second or third roll.


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