Pocket Watch Ornament by Genevieve Geer

Pocket Watch Ornament by Genevieve Geer

Genevieve Geer

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Genevieve Geer is a glass artist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This charming piece is part of our Alice series, and a must have for the White Rabbit! Original enameled illustration on translucent White Milk Glass. Perfect for wall or window. Finished in a soldered stained glass edge.


She specializes in glass sculptures that plumb the depths of fairytales, circuses, witchery and the occult. Most of the techniques she uses are hundreds of years old, but applied with a modern day sensibility.

Genevieve Geer was born in Massachusetts and slowly zig-zagged her way down the East Coast to settle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During her southern journey, she attended Parsons School of Design in New York City and The Museum School in Boston. She majored in both illustration and animation. Within a week of her arrival in Philadelphia, she began to train as a glass blower, apprenticing for different glass artists and studios in the area. In 2013 she started Le Puppet Regime, a small glass company specializing in articulated, illustrated glass.

Most of the work I produce is a combination of traditional Stained Glass technique mixed with a Low Brow, Pop Surrealist sensibility. I work in two ways with flat glass: either engraving flash glass and layering it for panels, or painting with powdered glass and then engineering a piece to have the moving parts.  The goal is always to find new ways of utilizing the material, and experiments abound. The themes I lean toward are fantastical and historical, themes that are as magical as the medium.

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