Pearl Necklace by Margie Magnuson

Margie Magnuson

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Sterling silver pendant with a pearl on an 18" chain.

Handmade by Margie Magnuson of Golden Anvil in Omaha, Nebraska.

Designing and creating jewelry is a personal extension of my life. Each piece that I create is, in a small way, a part of me that I share with my customers.

My formal training stressed clean, simple design, employing hand-forging techniques. While through the years my work has grown and taken new directions, simplicity of line and form has always remained the foundation of my designs and inspirations.

I work primarily in 14 karat gold and sterling silver, with a wide range of gemstones. Each piece is personally handcrafted, and I am committed to creating jewelry of the highest quality, as well as providing quick and professional service.

Find more of Margie's work here.

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