Natural Bud Vase by Tyler David

Tyler David

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Turned wood vase made by Tyler David of Potosi, Wisconsin.

Dimensions: 4"h x 2.75"w

When Tyler was 12 years old he came across a discovery in his dad’s woodworking shop.  Responding to a request for a color candlestick, he used Crayola crayons on a spindle that was turning on the lathe.  A rag was then pressed into the wood as it was spinning, creating friction which melted the wax from the crayon into the wood, leaving a smooth and permanent pigment.

He continue to make these colored spindles on the lathe and eventually adapted the spindles into candleholders. A professional oil pastel has replaced the Crayola crayons and after coloring, the candlesticks are given a clearcoat of polyurethane. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin he joined the business his father, master craftsman Gary David developed over many years. 


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