Mother Moon Silkscreen Print by Allison and Jonathan Metzger

Midnight Oil Studio

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Enjoy this beautiful original piece of artwork titled, "Mother Moon". This limited edition silkscreen shows the phases of the moon.

We use a phosphorescent ink on the moons which absorbs UV light and then glows for 10-15 mins once the room is dark. This piece will glow even brighter if you charge it will a flashlight. So much fun!

This is an original piece of fine art using the process of Silkscreen printmaking. Hand-drawn and hand-printed by Allison & Jonathan Metzger, of Midnight Oil Studio, in their home studio in Des Moines, Iowa.

Image size: 17.25 x 4.5"

Paper size: 19.75 x 7.75"

Edition size limited to 250.

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