Iowa Farm Tea Towel by Kate Brennan Hall

Iowa Farm Tea Towel by Kate Brennan Hall

Kate Brennan Hall

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In Iowa we are literally surrounded by "oceans" of waving corn every year--- come July. On a windy day the fields move with such a beauty that I needed to try to capture it in this design that I initially created for my "Dog Bike Iowa" towel. (see in my etsy shop)

This design focuses on the beauty of the corn along with the crisp architecture of barns, silos and the welcome silhouette of a tractor. A perfect house-warming/birthday/retirement gift for Iowans and those who grew up in this fair state.

The towels are hand-printed (by me!) in my studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind non-mass produced towel for your kitchen... or your friends!

Rich very dark green eco/food friendly ink on a commercial grade flour sack towel...made to last!

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