Ducks and Lillies Card by Audrey Christie

Ducks and Lillies Card by Audrey Christie

Audrey Christie

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This greeting card is a reproduction of an original hand-painted woodblock print by the late Audrey Christie of Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

The blank card measures 5" x 7" and comes with a coordinating envelope.


I moved from the city to rural Wisconsin because I could.  As an illustrator and designer, my vocation was portable.  It seemed lovely to be able to work surrounded by green and serenaded by birds and frogs.  It’s been so much more.

I restored an old house and as I acclimated to country living, I found many wonderful creatures to share my old farm – all of whom have found their way into my artwork. 

Returning to woodcut printmaking was a natural evolution.  I hadn’t carved a woodcut in thirty years when I began again.  Every stroke mattered; the images flowed and it was obvious that it was the best work I’d done.  I decided I could paint all over my black and white prints and haven’t wasted time on any other medium since. 

I choose my compositions because they will be interesting to carve and play to the strengths of the carving. My dogs and cats and horses and chickens inspire me because their textures show me how to carve their images.

Find more of Audrey's work here.

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