Small Pairing Knife by Doug Gethmann

Small Pairing Knife by Doug Gethmann

Doug Gethmann

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Handmade Pairing knife with a cherry wood handle by Doug Gethmann Knifeworks.

Blade Size: 3" Long by .5" Wide

6.5" from handle to tip.

For kitchen cutlery I use a laminated epoxy resin impregnated wood.  This material is cut into thin sheets of oak, hickory, rosewood, walnut etc. then pressed into thick sheets under high pressure and temperature.  The resulting material is tough, durable and beautiful while maintaining the natural wood appearance without the familiar problems of warping, rotting and shrinking common to natural wood.  Handles are designed for beauty and durability as well as comfort to the user. 

The chemical composition, hardness, toughness, flexibility, thickness and shape of the steel blades are fundamental to the performance of the finished knife.  Some of the more common blade materials I prefer to use are 1095 Hi-Carbon, 440-C Surgical Steel, ATS-34, D-2 Carpenter and of course the beautiful and unique layered Damascus.

The pins or rivets are normally brass, nickel silver or 304 Stainless steel.  For bolsters I prefer to braze nickel silver, German silver or brass to the blade.  This process gives a finished, professional look to any hand made knife. 


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